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  • Whether you are needing a lock repair or looking to upgrade the security in your home with a new set of locks, we have the qualities and skills to match. So what can A&E Locksmiths Liverpool offer you when it comes to a security upgrade?

    A&E Locksmiths Liverpool are able to attend your property and carry out a security check and give advice on the best way to secure your home and valuable belongings, all for NO Charge and with NO OBLIGATION. A&E Locksmiths Liverpool performing a security upgrade: We can fit window locks, patio door locks, or simply replace your old locks with new up to date locks conforming to BS 3621 Insurance approved. Also as part of a security upgrade, you should also consider replacing locks or upgrading security on gates, garages and sheds as these house expensive items such as cars, bikes, lawn mowers and tools.

    Upgrading can help lower insurance premiums as well as being a visual deterrent to possible attacks, and also being a physical obstruction. Having a security upgrade doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune to protect your belongings, but being clever and tactical with your security will help lower the risk immensely. Purchasing the locks your self and fitting is an option but you would benefit more from having the security inspected and advice given on best practice. This will ensure the correct product is used and fitted in the correct manor. We offer free quotations and advice, so why not try today !!!!

    Many lock manufacturers are now coming up with solutions to new problems that arise from different attacks. So having a security upgrade and fitting the most up to date locks is always a good idea. Many cylinders are coming with the kitemark on them. Though these alone won’t necessarily mean your property is BS3621 insurance approved if the correct hardware is not fitted with it. So its always best to have an expert or someone who has good knowledge and understanding of what is required.

    We are want a safe, secure home to come back after a hard day. Most of us have good quality and secure locks on our doors and windows, which comply with current British Standards followed by the insurance industry. But sometimes things get away from us and that faulty lock or mechanism gets ignored. Here at A&E Locksmiths Liverpool we can help. Just give us a call and we can arrange for one of our friendly, professional team to come to your home or business and do a full check on all your windows and doors (wooden or uPVC) to see if anything needs replacing or upgrading to meet the current British Standards.